Before being elected as the MP for Ealing Central & Acton, Angie ran a number of local campaigns, the details of which are listed below.

Angie has always opposed plans for further expansion to Heathrow Airport. As a GLA member she organised a petition to the Mayor of London to stop the third runway. She also took part in several meetings across the constituency to speak about this issue. Angie publicly voiced her disappointment when the Government announced the go-ahead for a third runway, arguing that the Government should be listening to the views of residents and pressure groups in West London, not blindly ignoring their opposition. She organised a letter from West London MPs, Parliamentary Candidates, Councillors and GLA members to the Minister for Aviation to protest at the unfair way in which the Government's consultation with West London residents was conducted.



Angie has recognised the need for better Ealing Broadway station facilities and more frequent train services from Acton Mainline Station and has set up the Ealing Acton Transport Action Group with Network Rail and other transport bodies. This provides a platform for all the parties to discuss various issues and ideas to improve Ealing transport links. Angie continues to put pressure on the Crossrail team to bring Ealing station works forward. It has now been confirmed that this will start in early 2013.

In a survey conducted by Angie in autumn 2008, residents spoke out about poor NHS dentist access in Ealing & Acton. Half of all the respondents were not registered at all, and a further 33% found themselves unable to do so. Since then Angie has actively campaigned for changes to NHS dentist contracts which would improve NHS dentist accessibility for Ealing and Acton residents.



Angie started a London wide campaign against intrusive tannoy noise from London Underground station situated above ground. She produced a report for the London Assembly Environment Committee that made a series of recommendations to help TfL and local residents come to an agreement about acceptable noise levels. She worked with Ealing Council Officers and TfL to resolve problems at North Acton tube station, where residents had been seriously disturbed by unacceptably loud tannoy announcements.

In Autumn 2008, Angie conducted a survey to find out about residents' views on local NHS services. Angie learnt that 93% of Ealing & Acton residents are against poly-clinics if it would mean the closure of the local GP practice in their area. Since then Angie has had numerous discussions with the Local Medical Council and Ealing PCT regarding poly-clinics in Ealing & Acton, and has been reassured that so far there are no plans to introduce any poly-clinics in this area.



Angie and East Acton Conservative Councillors John Ross and Jim Randall, along with local residents opposed the idea of replacing the old footbridge between Perryn Road and The Approach with a zebra crossing over the A40, as originally planned by TfL. It was felt that such a solution would have been extremely dangerous for pedestrians. Supported by the local Councillors and residents, Angie tabled a series of challenging question to TfL in her capacity as a member of London Assembly Transport Committee. After further consultation, TfL revisited their plans and decided to build a new bridge, which was opened for public use in June 2009.

Angie joined with Ealing Conservative Future (our younger members), to tidy up messy corners (grotspots) across the constituency that residents told her could benefit from a spring clean.

During the General Election campaign, she led a team of volunteers onto Ealing Common, where they collected ten giant sackfuls of rubbish.


Joining a long-running campaign by residents who use Turnham Green tube station, Angie arranged a meeting in 2008, through her former GLA colleagues, with Transport for London to discuss the possibility of stopping more Piccadilly line trains at Turnham Green, especially in the mornings and evenings.  They agreed to go away and look at timetables to see if they could identify any possibilities for Piccadilly line trains to stop later on weekday mornings and earlier on weekday evenings.  Unfortunately they came back to say they could not at this stage.  Angie believes that once Crossrail is up and running, providing a much faster service from Heathrow into Central London and beyond, there will be less pressure on the Piccadilly line, making it easier to stop Piccadilly line trains at Turnham Green.  This is another reason why Angie is keeping up pressure on the Crossrail team to ensure that the Crossrail schedule is kept on track.

Between January and May 2008 Angie campaigned to save Ealing and Acton Post Offices. Every fifth Post Office in the constituency of Ealing Central & Acton was ear-marked in February 2008 for closure. Unfortunately, after the consultation process, the decision was made to close all of the announced Post Offices. Angie argued that this was a real kick in the teeth to many residents who now have to queue for a long time in large and busy branches, often much further from where they live.


There was one piece of good news though. The Old Oak Common Post Office in East Acton remains open and Angie and Richard Barnes handed a petition with over 3000 signatures to City Hall, calling for it to be saved from closure. 


When the future of Goldsmith Allotments was threatened by property developers, allotment holders contacted Angie for help. She offered to help organise a petition to take to City Hall and Boris Johnson in order to ask for his support to save these green spaces. In the end it wasn't needed after the Planning Appeal Committee in Bristol turned the developers down thanks to a strong local opposition. 

Angie has warned, however, that the developers may try again and everyone needs to remain vigilant. 

Angie successfully campaigned against the proposed closure of the A&E department at this hospital, which would have had serious repercussions for many Acton residents. After handing a petition to the Chairman of the local hospital trust she was reassured that this would not take place. However, the closure of the GP surgery at the hospital, which she also campaigned against, unfortunately went ahead leaving many West Twyford residents without a local GP facility. Angie continues to raise residents' concerns about this at her meetings with the Ealing PCT.

Ealing & Acton Conservatives, alongside Save Ealing Streets, fought long and hard to ensure that the idea of introducing a tram along Uxbridge Road would not be implemented. A tram would have caused enormous congestion and increased car traffic on residential roads along the tram route. When Angie served on the London Assembly she worked hard with local Assembly Member Richard Barnes to put pressure on Mayor Ken Livingstone to halt the scheme. Once the Conservatives took control of Ealing Council they introduced an official policy of opposition and the project was soon withdrawn.



Angie and her team are helping to clear up 'grotty' areas of the constituency. If you have a corner in your neighbourhood  that could do with a spring clean.

Angie's maiden speech

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As well as being the MP for Ealing Central and Acton, Angie is the Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS) to the Minister for the Cabinet Office and Paymaster General, The Rt Hon Francis Maude MP. She is assisting the Cabinet Office team with a number of Bills as they look to secure their passage through Parliament.